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The IMC at a glance

CMI RennesFoundation: January 15 2009
Status: The Rennes International Mobility Centre (IMC) is a joint service under the Université européenne de Bretagne (UEB).
Members: 11 academic institutions based in Rennes and the Rennes Métropole District Council.
The CMI aims to: Provide services for international undergraduate, graduate and PhD students and researchers in Rennes. Help students, doctoral students and researchers from "grandes écoles" and Universities in Rennes to become internationally mobile.

Discovering Rennes

Visuel Rennes

Rennes, France's tenth largest city, is just the right size for citizens and visitors alike to feel at home.

Rennes is regularly in the "top ten" when it comes to places where people want to live, and is famous throughout France for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Rennes is also famous for its academic environment, with a dense network of universities, "grandes écoles", research laboratories, and R&D centers. The city's thriving economy goes hand in hand with its role as a political, judicial and administrative hub.

Rennes can also boast a rich and varied historical heritage going back thousands of years. As befits Brittany's historic "capital" city, Rennes' development has always been closely linked to that of Brittany itself, a region with a strong identity, full of tradition, history and legends, attracting over 12 million visitors every year. This makes it France's second most popular region for tourists.

Finding us

UEB - CMI Rennes 5 bd Laënnec Rennes International Mobility Centre (CMI Rennes)
Université européenne de Bretagne
Level 0
5 bd Laënnec
35000 Rennes

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Open Monday to Friday
9.00a.m. to 12.30p.m.
13.30p.m. to 17.00p.m.

French courses for researchers / PhD students

FLEThe Rennes international mobility centre / UEB and the CIREFE (University Rennes 2) propose to foreign researchers French courses, which will take place by the end of january 2014.


Closure in may

MayThe Rennes CMI will be closed on :
May 2nd / May 9th
May 30th / June 9th

Residence permits help desk for researchers and PhD students

Residence permitThe Rennes International mobility Centre (IMC) helps researchers and PhD students  to apply for a residence permit.
Students can also have access to this service but only during the 1st semester of the accademic year.